Photo Albums - Once After Ever (2014)

Once After Ever (2014)


Prince locked up Evil Queen and Big Bad Wolf in a dungeon/mental institution for rehabilitation respectively for anxiety disorder and anorexia (Queen) and alcoholism and amnesia (Wolf). Through the "sessions", they became confused about what really happened in Once Ever After time and why they were locked up in the dungeon. 

Queen and Wolf are introduced to other characters such as the Two Little Pigs called Bacon and Ham as well as Red Riding Hood. They are constantly petrified that someone says the words "new year's eve" which

calls Wolf's fairy godmother.

Queen wants to know why everyone calls her "evil" and Wolf, due to his amnesia, do not understand the fact that there are only two little pigs left. He gets told that he ate the other pig, but he claims to be a Jew.

Red Riding Hood is a grown-up "lady of the night", but comes to the rescue of both Queen and Wolf. She explains the chaos to them and in such a way also inform the audience of what really happened. 

This pantomime was written by Marli van der Bijl and received positive reviews at the National Arts Festival in 2014 when MDG debuted with it.


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