2D Animation


The purpose of this training programme is to enable learners to generate independent work and critically apply the principles of 2D animation.

Participating students will be able to draw from references, and generate products. They can also work independently as business owners. They implement a process of drawing, analysing motion, breaking down motion, enhancing motion, creating expressiveness, and animating objects and figures. They can work on flat surfaces like cartoon / frame-by-frame drawn or rotoscoping animation.

Qualified learners are capable of: 

  • Selecting and analysing reference material relevant for specific animation productions.

  • Analysing visual and motion requirements for specific animation productions.

  • Specifying visual and motion treatment for specific animation productions.

  • Developing and selecting animation outputs for specific animation productions.

  • Evaluating animated visual elements against specified animation production requirements.

  • Managing animation production processes and information according to specifications. 

Application requirements:


Grade 12:

Compulsory or equivalent vocational training.​  Current Grade 12 (or equivalent vocational learners) can apply with their latest school report.


Passed two on senior (matric) certificate level (or equivalent) - not less than 50%. 

One of which must be English.

Mathematics / Mathematical literacy:

Passed on senior (matric) certificate level - not less than 50%.

If not passed with 50% or more, learners will be charged R300 for the required mathematics modules to be taught.  Bursaries and learnerships do not cover for the mathematics modules.


Only South African citizens​.


* R290 registration fee on acceptance (includes student card)​​.

* A R80 non-negotiable fine is payable for every assignment that a student do not submit before its due date.  This rule applies to all students (including learnership and bursary students).  ​

Application process:

Upon applying for this programme, prospective students will be required to submit a minimum of six original art works made up of any of the following mediums: Illustration, Painting, Graphic Design, Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing or digital artwork.


  • Animate visual elements 

  • Compile and present portfolios of work 

  • Create visual elements for 2D animation 

  • Generate animation breakdowns and timelines 

  • Interpret design conventions for animation 

  • Interpret motion conventions for animated elements and camera 

  • Present visual breakdown of time structure for animation 

  • Analyse motion 

  • Develop visual elements for animation 

  • Draw from life 

  • Composite layers for animation

  • Render files for animation

  • Develop single characters for animation

  • Create graphic elements for a multimedia/web-based computer application